U Pyinya Zawta on the Red Carpet at the Oscars (Picture!)

Photo courtesy of Annie Demyan.

Last week, I posted about my interview with U Pyinya Zawta, a founding member and the executive director of the All Burma Monks’ Alliance, for Shambhala Sun Space.  One of the leaders of 2007’s “Saffron Revolution”–the nonviolent demonstration by thousands of Buddhist monastics calling for economic and political justice in the military-ruled country–he was a guest of the producer and director of Best Documentary nominee Burma VJ:  Reporting from a Closed Country at last week’s 82nd Annual Academy Awards.

Burma VJ ultimately lost the statuette to The Cove, though just today it won the top prize at a human rights film festival and forum in Geneva.

The intrepid Annie Demyan, sister of my UWest colleague Amy Demyan, happened to be working the red carpet on Oscar night, and sends us the wonderful picture above of U Pyinya Zawta at the ceremony.  Thanks a million, Annie!  (Be sure to check out Annie’s coverage of the Oscars at amyknowsbest.com!)

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