Louisville’s Phuoc Hau Temple Vandalized Twice in the Last Two Weeks

WAVE 3 reports on incidents of vandalism at Louisville’s Phuoc Hau Temple, a Vietnamese Buddhist center outside the Kentucky city.

A group of South Louisville Buddhists say they are the target of discrimination. The Phuoc Hau Temple has been vandalized twice in the last two weeks, and, according to members, five times in the last five years. While members filed their first report with police on March 20, a longtime member said it wasn’t the first time she wanted to call. The temple’s monk previously advised against it.

“Just let it go, it’ll get to the point where they’ll get tired of it,” Nina Nguyen said of the monk’s for handling those responsible for the vandalism.

When the vandalism did not stop at the 8510 Old Third Street Road location, members contacted us for help. The call came after discovering property damaged on the temple grounds this weekend. We contacted police ourselves, Nguyen’s biggest concern is the impact the vandalism is having on members who attend services at the Vietnamese temple and don’t speak English.

The Courier-Journal also reports on condemnations by local interfaith leaders.

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