FBI Investigating Embezzlement of $450,000 from Naropa University by an Employee – How You Can Help the Campus

This depressing news via our buddy and editor Waylon Lewis at elephant journal:

Naropa University, already engaged in responsible, necessary cuts, [was recently] alerted [by the F.B.I. to the embezzlement] of nearly half a million dollars [by an employee in Accounts Payable].

It’s sad news when someone rationalizes the stealing of money from a relatively small institution dedicated explicitly to the greater good, contemplative education. For an institution of Naropa’s size, $450,000 over two years could have paid for so many scholarships, so many increased salaries for teachers, so many repairs…it hurts to think about it.

Way, always quick to find ways to help in any situation, lets us know how in this situation:

donate naropa

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4 thoughts on “FBI Investigating Embezzlement of $450,000 from Naropa University by an Employee – How You Can Help the Campus

  1. Danny,

    I’m not in a situation to donate, so perhaps it is inappropriate for me to comment, but it should be stressed that not having adequate controls over Accounts Payable is terrible – truly, inexcusable. Naropa’s failure in administration is the culprit as much as anything or anyone. Firing the A/P clerk, VP of Finance and Comptroller is a necessary good start, but inquiry should be made about how the losses were hidden and how others in the accounting department and in senior management and on the Board of Directors didn’t have some suspicions. Or, couldn’t comfortable report their suspicions to higher ups.

    Merely replacing those who were fired isn’t enough because that alone doesn’t prevent the same thing from happening again. Top management is responsible for there being adequate controls. Donors to Naropa should require that ‘complete’ answers be given, very much including a statement of what will be done different in the future to fully prevent something similar from happening in the future.

  2. Hate to say it, but anytime someone defaults on their student loan to Naropa it hurts the school. It is kind of like embezzling $40K at a time. When students start to take classes they know how much each credit costs. When they assume it doesn’t really hurt anyone except “THE MAN’ they are wrong. The woman who took all of the cash just did it in more “broad stroke”.

  3. How can you blame former students for this, by defaulting on loans? You know, those who were in the Environmental Studies dept. in 94-95 did not even get to finish our degree plans because of the Eagle Cruz fiasco. How am I supposed to have a career and pay back my loan without my degree? Eagle was blackballed by the AIM, and they were trying to discredit Naropa as well, calling it “an exploiter’s institution” (Lydia White Calf’s words). The woman who brought the lawsuit against Naropa was a “plant” from AIM. Do you not realize this “embezzler” was probably planted by the FBI in another attempt to discredit Naropa and anyone who has a Naropa degree is affected, of course. The government does not want people to have alternatives to mainstream academics.

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