Today is My Birthday

The author many years ago.

Here’s a thought on the occasion of my natal anniversary from the great Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche:

So, today I have something to tell you, that is especially for the teenagers, especially. I don’t know whether you realize this, this is really important. It’s … important is not the right word. I don’t know what to say. I’m trying to fish for a word.

There is something so incredible about being young. I made a mistake by trying to grow up fast, and I’m sure there are a lot of other people who have made the same mistake. Please for your own sake, do not grow up fast, because you can never rewind and play back. Once you play, that’s it!

But this is easier said than done, no? … a whole society, books, television, movies … all trying to make you grow up. And you yourself, as a human being … human nature is competing: “Who will grow up fastest?” I’m sure you even tell yourselves sometimes, “Grow up! C’mon!” … not the right thing to do.

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9 thoughts on “Today is My Birthday

  1. Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Bird said it best:

    “Today,” laughs the Bird, “eat whatever you want.
    Today no one tells you you cawnt or you shawnt.
    And, today, you don’t have to be tidy or neat.
    If you wish, you may eat with both hands and both feet.
    So get in there and munch. Have a big munch-er-oo!
    Today is your birthday! Today you are you!”

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I am late reading this. Very late. But … HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANNY!!! WOOHO! YIPPEE! YAHOO! [Dances around in a circle.] WOO, WOO, WOO, WOO, WOO. JOY! RAPTURE! Thirty, right? Not to worry; you’re not grown up yet, whatever you may think.

  3. Belated thanks for your kind notes, Nathan, Tashi, Phil, Linda, Maia, and Tom! You’re all wonderful.

  4. Danny, can’t believe I missed wishing you a “Great Birthday”. Derek and Jill were in town visiting so you know where my focus was that day. Anyway, my friend, have a wonderful year!

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