A Gift of Dharma for 9.18.10

Today’s dharma quote is yet another from the Vidyādhara, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1939-1987), whom I first quoted and wrote a little bio for here. This is it:

If you’re about to have a fight, just flash [the feeling you have when you meditate], and then hold steady.

The idea of wanting to have a fight begins to dissolve, and, in turn, because of that, one begins to develop what is known as compassion. You begin to have more trust in yourself, less destructiveness in yourself, and less pain. And because you have less pain, therefore you’re able to communicate that to other people.

Working with oneself that way, in turn, you begin to work with others.

That seems to be the basic point of why you have to practice meditation.

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