More Good Stuff from Chuck

(L-R) The author and Charles S. Prebish at Moscone Center West, San Francisco, CA, for the 2011 American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, November 21st, 2011. Photo by Bill Aiken of SGI-USA.

I’ve blogged before in the past about my friend and inspiration Charles S. Prebish, with whom I am pictured above. A great scholar and man, I can honestly say that he’s been as important to me personally as intellectually. Quite a guy, my friend Chuck.

I’m pleased to bring you more news of Chuck today. Our mutual friend Justin Whitaker already mentioned these pieces at his wonderful Patheos blog American Buddhist Perspective, but I wanted to make sure to hype them here as well.

First, Chuck was interviewed by the American Academy of Religion for the new “Member Spotlight” section of their website. Second, he was also interviewed by Tricycle: The Buddhist Review for their latest issue. Both are terrific reads, brimming with the usual Chuck insights that suggest what might be helpfully investigated in future turnings of the study of the Buddhism in America. Do check them both out.

Finally, Chuck also has a guest blog post (the first of three) at Tricycle‘s Awake in the World blog that is, if I may say, awesome. Awesome in that it challenges us as Buddhist Americans to do some important work that we, frankly, have been putting off for far too long. Here’s a snippet:

If the American Buddhist tradition is to affirm the suggestion that precepts are an integral aspect of Buddhist practice, and of a Buddhist lifestyle that nourishes awareness of and respect for all living beings, then a new and modern ethical literature must necessarily be created.

Don’t miss the post — and keep your eyes peeled for more from Chuck. As always, I’ll do my part to help keep you hip to the work of a friend and important mentor.

UPDATE: Chuck’s second post for Trike, about scholar-practitioners, can be found here. Like the first post, it’s essential reading.

UPDATE, part two: The third and final post for Trike is now up, and can be found here. Again, great stuff.

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